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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

bailout closer look details & fine tune - SAY SOMETHING!!!

i see many subscriptions & blog has 1219.80 ~ 1265.79 as 5 waves down, but my argument is there is no channel, no ending wedge, no leading diagonal - no form at all. and i see all the legs are clearly 3 waves.
also some bullish count has a-b-c, there are more flaws on this counts, imho.
don't you see those counts are "forced" and not fluent with the flow?

i believe this is the only way to count, expanding diagonal (triangle), supported by the historical pattern, and both are bailouts.

i have 3 more important historical blueprints match this patterns, it's kind of telling the future because they are all the same.
and my bigger picture counting from Mar 6, 2009 is also different than most people's either W-X-Y-X-Z or 1-2-3-4-5. i've a major thought of how people counting the big picture, i think i know why there are so much struggling for so long, i see there are lots forced counting, probably all because of one root cause of problem. i might publish one day if this blog still exist.
i need more participations, or people say more prior to market close.