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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bailout Europe vs. USA - show up and say something by today's market close or this place close!!!

Is it easy to tell the striking similarity of those two bailout? you should know what's coming by seeing these two charts.
is this wave count all different from all others. are you frustrated on why elliott waves keep on fading on so many professionals and sites? i might have the answer. i have different views from others, all by my own, my endless efforts. i keep on challenging the way elliott wave should be done. i think i have many breakthroughs during the past weekend, and in the past.

as a matter of fact, i only post 20~25% of my work, effort.
but i wonder why should i open my work? what's the motivation? what would i benefit or learn?
i don't need advertisement, like to keep it clean here. i don't need donation, i don't make money that way. but what do i need? frankly speaking, i don't know, you tell me. maybe i feel lonely here posting by myself. maybe you at least say thanks, show appreciation sometimes, post your thought, or question (i would choose to answer).

now, if you really like to see this blog to continue, show up and say something by today's market close!!!