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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

rut two options - medium bearish & extreme bearish

W-X-Y-X completion is medium bearish version.

W-X is the extreme bearish version.

i will try to resolve it - i don't like alternate count, i only want one count - never both bullish & bearish option together - how could i trade that with self split opinion?

but at least counts choices should be in the same direction, not opposite, imho.

look at the crash line, that's one of the reason i knew 2 hours prior to the market was going to crash on May 6, there are many other setups need to qulify the once or twice in a life time crash scenario. the setups is exactly the same as 1987 Oct. even i knew the potential 2 hours beforehand, but still too fast and too short in time (1200 DJIA round trip points in 15 minutes) for me too react. i had a write up & posted about this during the weekend.

ps. if you use my chart or t/a, please show the courtesy.