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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

mission impossible?

current pattern is similar to pre-flash crash.
for a large scale crash, first need to pass 1010, then need to pass 935.
crash window is 8/19 ~ 8/24.
centered and most likely on Friday 8/20, Monday 8/23.
after 8/24, i would say no crash in the near term.

for contributing key members, check the chart i sent on Tuesday before market close. look at the top chart. once it passes the green line, it's coming. now look at the left, same green line, you will see the reason.
now look at the bottom chart, it's progressing! email me if you have question.
our core key members are working on a policy to add key members. will post once ready.
bc, i know, you said don't do it, just email. but it's too tempting when i see 4 of the 6 setup already passed. only #5, #6 are waiting. will update on the progressing. all these setup are by my own, not a single one setup is from anywhere. and they were back tested to prove to work for past many crashes.
PS. if it gets to crash line and turn back w/o crash, expect strong rally. this also occurred in the past many instances. Feb 5, Jul 1 are two examples.