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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

this is either amazing or stupid, but i report what i see progressing

what if $spx pass above 1220 in the next 6 months?
what would be the elliott wave counts for majority ew people? breaking all ew bears' glasses?
think about this possibility, never say never, don't be the last one to know, never under-estimate the enemy, never overlook what the dead cat could do the last.

if $spx 1040+- iso line can not be taken out in the killer months of Sep and Oct, then the probability of $spx higher than 1220 rise sharply.

i see signs from,
1). 4 months of downward sideway of $spx movement is not so called wave 3 down. if it's wave 3 down, why does it take so long and can not punch through it? (it did got to 1010, but bounce off strongly)it was at 1040 on May 25, now 3 months later, it still bounce off 1040. Not a sign of wave 3 down, and definitely not the killer wave 3 of 3 down.

2). $USD is leading, its deep retrace is signaling much more upside for $spx. i already see its structure and ew relativity.

3). other currencies, and pairs also already progressing this route, and they are leading. and i already have some of their structures and ew relativity.

4). elliott wave relativity already sees all above mentioned big picture progressing.

5). this still is a bear market, not a new bull market. only some unfinished business. i see the real killer bear market in year 2011 and 2012, and my final $spx target remains 310. But before 310, i see $spx passing 1220.
i already have the roadmap, target price, MT, LT iso lines, even time frame planned. if it doesn't exist, how could there be the case? it's not some perma bull drawing imaginary lines or channels. it's all about the market structure and cycle. one thing i know for sure is the LT iso line will not be passed, and will strongly turn down from there and not be able to fully recover for decade.

still a bear, far from a bull!
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