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Monday, September 20, 2010

Price - Three Peaks and Domed House. Breadth - Three Peaks and Doomed.

23 here, 28 crash
Price - Three Peaks and Domed House.
Breadth - Three Peaks and Doomed.

1). On Sept 3, made the crash prediction for one month ahead. Apparanetly i didn't expect price 1105 be the top at that time.
2). On Sept 14, posted price, was at 1121, not topped yet. need higher and more time.
3). today Sept 20, time pushed near the limit for the predicted crash timeline of Oct 1 & Oct 4. price pushed toward the MT iso line. crash projection is still intact. Both time and price getting interested.

4). during the 1040 bottoming process, many bulls were panic, it was 20% AAII bullish sentiment. i were calm and peace.
during current 1140's topping process, many bears are panic, bullish persent is much higher than 50%. i am calm and peace.
i see, calm and peace is the eternity of life.

5). i have line in the sand drawn for both price and time for the crash scenario, which is MT iso line and crash max timeline. if they pass the limit and stay, i will publish and admit. currently, both of them are near, but i don't see how either of them can be passed.

6). after reviewed short term and big picture charts. As of tonight, i still have very high confidence on the coming GREAT CRASH of the decade.

7). linus, please email me.

8). i still have some scecret weapons left for the potential coming great crash. will use at proper time if still valid. please note, now i am not saying crash, i am saying great crash. but if i am wrong & pass time/price final lines, will admit. so i will be either extremely stupid, or extremely lucky.