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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Institutional Volume distributions signals Major plunge coming, volume analysis confirmed.

warm up with a follow up pattern chart of yesterday's market top. take it easy, it's the 'reluctance' time, or distribution time.
name this chart - colored day# wave pattern? or suggestion? it has both price and time information and pattern. everything is pattern, pattern, pattern.
many people asked about elliott wave. elliott wave also is a pattern based on Mr. elliott's observation. what's the successful rate you or you seeing others doing elliott wave and how much success you had using elliott wave to predict the future movement and benefit from it? or how frustrate you with ew? i see paid subscription based ew newsletter probably have a good rate of less than 30%. elliott wave is a great pattern, but need some flexibility, relativity, time, pattern to make it reliably useful, especially in a more correctly predicting way to benefit the users.

how do you interpret the volume, welcome to post your view or other volume analysis links here. we keep on hearing this rally is of very low volume. why is that? what's the impact of it? what do you think?
i will provide mine later.
it's a fresh way to look at the volume for major trend reversal.

PS. 1). mission unsuccessful? have not reach 100 follower icon by Oct 1)see above). one more day, one more chance.

2). 15:23pm ET, i am seeing late day rally finished here. i am also seeing plunge next monday due to the above pattern match at the forks. crash schedule ahead of time from above pattern? need to check.
nobody study volume and opinion?
a duplicate follower icon there, still 99.