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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

the cross - market topped, code blue & potential code red kick off on Sep 29, 2010

preview of the potential Grand Code Red, many more charts analysis support this view.

1). market topped.
2). code blue of Depression, or Great Depression II kicks off.
3). code red of potential series of crashes kicks off, projected crashes starting Oct 13, 2010.
4). potential code red target $spx 750, continued with code blue.
5). Postponed one day means "code red of potential series of crashes projected Oct 14, 2010."
6). iso lines of all indexes' morning highs, i checked, cut off by the iso life support line. those iso include nya, spx, indu, compq, ndx, rut, tran, oex, xlf, rifin. i use those iso to calc the upside price target on Aug 26 bottom, all hit upside target with a time function small incrementals.

PS. minor postpone if spx above 1150.00
1). 9/30 made a new high. both code blue and potential code red postponed by one day, still effective, it can not escape code blue and potential code red. remember, code red is once in a decade huge incident, so a potential already is a great deal! They can not escape those governing iso lines, same to majority of other indexes. the best is slightly along the slope and postpone, but can not escape.

2). i might release the mentioned Grand Crash Patter chart anytime. i think this Grand one never be seen by this world, lol.

3). bc, red first, followed by blue. remember, red is once a decade, like the lottery. don't disappoint if not hit, but i think the probability is good considering all the setup, i have the must-crash-line waiting there, 2 levels of crashes(flash size & grand 3~4X flash size). blue, i believe it's a must come, can not escape in any combinations.