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Friday, September 24, 2010

flight 1004 canceled - reverse velocity & anti-safety gears reported, causing time shortage.

alternate flight and destination under review.
PS. 1). Joseph, The ultimate grand pattern is not affected at all. just different color codes and time travel. this ultimate grand pattern could apply to worldwide, no matter new high from 2008/2009 bottom or not. Could we still have crashes? certainly, but certainly not Oct 4.
2). marketing, that's not a major factor. the most important pattern i see is spx CAN NOT escape the Grand Crashing pattern. just a matter of form and time. i would publish the pattern at a proper time.
3). Oct 4 is postponed, but the time of the grand crash pattern will be sooner than later. imho, it can not be averted.
4). Patrick, the cancelation is only for the specific date - Oct 4. it was issued one whole month ahead of time. The grand crashing pattern still intact, and only postponed for a short time, and i still see it as the crash of the decade no matter which form it presents.
5). a big up day doesn't mean things have changed. i estimated 1150 on Aug 26 while spx was at 1040 and bought long both hands(all documented on blog). i also real time chart called intraday top at 1148.59. we are still within this range, just a topping process and won't get away much. i believe nobody in the world specifically called oct 4 crash. if i nailed it, would be the only person forecasted one full month ahead, but unfortunately did not make it. i saw the crash setup and potential on my crash system, i called it, simple as that. and i keep on saying "potential", and when spx was 1120's, i kept on saying, it needed to be higher and more time. who do you think in the world willing to make a big crash call on a specific date and one full month ahead of time? in history, all time, anybody nailed such a big crash call on specific date? and i am just a nobody.