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Monday, September 27, 2010

Harmony in Red and Blue - Ying and Yan

come together so closely.
a great setup,
the mixing is great,
under the sun,
come so beautifully,
so naturally,
all one masterpiece.

PS. 1) people say code red can not be predicted, can not be calculated. it's mission impossible, nobody in the world can know ahead of time. so is code blue. let's hope so, as the twins are coming to the world.
to avoid previous mistake of releasing too early, better is gradually, one piece at a time, and i like accuracy, no hurry.

2). geo counter showing Singapore comes in #3. just did a chart on Singapore Straits Times Index. wow, it has come to the most interesting inflection point for one full year. let's see if enough people from Singapore are interested to discuss $sti.

3). both red and blue come together inclusively, not exclusively. the worst possible combinations for bulls, i don't see any exit door possibly exist. fed really has credibility issue on qe2 and exit strategy as i posted yesterday(all earlier than wsj). fed itself don't even know what to do, how could other desperated speculators know the size and when? comes up fast (heard best monthly performance since 1939), come down should be even faster, only code red does that. and code blue follow right after. both are in synchronization, progressing so far so fine. check my posts on 6/21 and 8/10(both were at market tops), it's the same situation, same issue, just one more round at the exact same iso lines. this time is even much more. i was wondering why both come so close, that's the answer, red plus blue.

$rifin for tj & bc,
market is just playing fooling under the MT iso line, not in a hurry. financials and semiconductors often are leading the market.