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Saturday, September 4, 2010

humbly imho, high potential large scale crashes coming.

got the setup, per my crash setup system & spike on my LT regression cycle matrix system & ew relativity & crash price patterns.

the time, by my own cycle timing system.

the trigger, passed 4 out of 6 of the crash system, meaning the setup is completed. 2 final ones to go. it's a very strick seup & not easy to meet. all major past crashes had these setup.

the target price, calculated with reliable method.

probability, highest in the past year. higher probability :) than the flash crash which i spotted.

it won't crash tomorrow (sunday):)
it won't crash next monday (labor day) :)
it won't crash next tuesday.
it won't crash next week.
a good chess player always plan many steps ahead.

this forecast is made right after the third largest bottom to top weekly gain. biggest is the week of Mar 9, 2009 bottom. the second largest is the week of July 8, 2009 low (beat this week by 3 points).

either email notice(only those win my trust of some kind by email introducing themself), or post,
or no details release with only this warning notice.

ps. $ftse also completed the crash setup. $nikk is on a line of crashing. maybe most of the major world markets are crashing, need to check.

pps. i took profits of all long position (entered spx 1045, posted) for majority of the rally. i knew at 1040 it won't crash because of the setup & timing were invalid, and the system always knows it will produce a big rally after a failed crash attemp. so i made one of my largest long trades. i was looking for 1150, but that got abandoned because of the crash setup.