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Friday, September 10, 2010

from time view, MT cycle suggests not topped yet, still in the topping formation.

never heard of a crash in Sept, need more time for a big one in Oct.
more price either in form of expanding(more volatility) or reverse(less volatility) expanding triangle.
if we already topped, need a srong down very soon, but that could mean no crash in October because of time pattern would fall short to setup a Oct crash.
i would rather let some more small up to burn off time.
also the velocity down from yesterday's 1110 high is not enough.
probably more later.

1). 9/10 10:27am ET intraday price could fall soon due to finishing reverse expanding triangle from 14:00 of 9/9, but likely that still not it.

2). 9/10 10:49am TJ, i believe price won't below 1090 in the next few days, and won't above 1130. more time burn off the better, at least need a into Sep 16 for a Oct crash setup.

3). 9/10 11:00am Crash setup still valid and in effective. just need to burn off time for the 28th & 10th cycle for a crash setup. small up and down, back and forth inches and crawl into the time window for about one more week to frustrate both bulls and bears. if you take vacation for one week, probably won't miss anything.

4). 9/10 11:09am i believe spx won't pass 1130. but keep in mind, $ftse already passed Aug 9 high, and still in a valid crash setup pattern.