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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Perfectly Symmetrical to Jan's Left Shoulder; $NYA(largest index) & $RUT new high today, completely matched code blue top blueprint.

look at the big picture of all major market tops for last three years vs. low TRINQ readings. It's DEFINITELY market top here. Didn't market have QE, TARP, POMO or whatever stimulus last 3 years? the hard fact is low TRINQ always is major market top, never changed, no matter what! don't be fooled by the talks, rumors, read the chart below.

micro 1 min mapping to macro daily. maybe rhythming like this coming? This is 1 min chart for the last one and a half days.

code red + code blue potential MT break down target 540.

perfect for a perfect storm, everybody(most of the year) are so much comfortable about the current market advance. the Arms Index says it all.

Jan's last top was higher by 0.04 points.
yesterday Sep 28's top was higher by 0.08 points.
i hope it could make another 0.0x points higher top today Sep 29 for completely code blue top #1 model match. then we have both code red and code blue perfect match.
more later.

imho, code red could happen instaneously or overnight. the flash crash down 1000 dji points only in 8 minutes. i see the coming one is a grand crash, if you are in long stocks, might not have a chance to escape at all.
i believe it's a time to play safety (if so much like playing long), not a time to chase performance or hitting some singles. defensive or cash is the name of the game.

PS. 1). G70: thx, expanding formation, that's one of my blog title and strength. i believe it's a crash pattern, already posted expanding crashed patten charts a few times on the blog.

2). Pelican, see the blog title, email me.

3). email receipants(met new policy), the chart sent last night is certainly a leading, a near done deal, always ture during 2010.