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Monday, September 6, 2010

Potential 2010 crash roadmap

On Aug 9-10 top of spx 1129, i published the plunging plan A and plan B.

here we come to the similar situation again.
Plan B is 1987 or 2008 style crash.
Plan A is 1930 great depression style plunge.
This time, the seasonality is more favor to Plan B, but plan A is also on schedule.
first here published is a simplified roadmap of plan B for 2010.
imho, here could be one of the most important junctures of invesments period either going into or after math, all planned months going forward.
i have architechs of all details of both plan A and plan B, both matching the blueprints of patterns and cycles. might release/revise more charts and details on the coming days as the scenario A or B progressing.
even for 911, the crash system setup (not show), and the timeline are the same. this student didn't have the t/a capability at that time. but imagine that tragedy could be prevented if could be projected. This system not only can be used to project crashes or extreme weakness, can also be used to wether a strong rally coming. after all, life and death just separate by a line, not this then that, like a computer binary program.
if there would be a crash as projected, it would still not be the bottom, but the next bottom (timing already projected) would be a great buy opportunity, a second Mar 6, 2009 type great buy. This student see definitely not so called wave 3 of P3 down with elliott wave relativity and system analysis of major assets, and world markets. the structure of the market does not have this kind of 3 of P3 down singularity based on this humble student's researches.

on the crash system technical setup (partial shown as following):
back test pitch forks cf1, cf2, and fibonacci retracements on late Apr induced the May 6, 2010 flash crash. (didn't i say i saw the flash crash coming 2 hours prior to and notified friends, do you believe now? it's not the fat finger, computers knew, i knew! but i didn't benefit from the flash because it was only a "flash" of 16 minutes and i was freezed and din't know what to do.)
here, Sep 3, 2010, we have a much larger multi-months back test pitch forks, and similar fibonacci retracement setup. it's a direct pattern matching of the flash crash, but in a much larger scale.
if true, should be as shown on the roadmap, re-test spx 1040, then go back up to around 1095, then slide to the crash lines(not shown), then we see if it would crash or strong rally(if not crash).
there are lots more details on the crash system setup and cycle timelines.
if no crash, i also have detailed roadmap of plan A, the 1930 style.

PS. This is not for your trading purpose, only for entertainment. Please do your own DD before investment.

PPS. if there is a special update, will notify people on the email list.