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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

spx macro vs micro expanding formation. Strong sell Emerging market; Strong sell the biggest bubble $XU100 Turkish.

in the coming melt down, emerging market could come down the most. Turkish $XU100 could hurt the most. please see the detailed big picture analysis on the next post down below.

does that look clear where it's going in the macro view?
PS. 1). special critical email updated yesterday.
2). there were some unpleasant email bashing attacks. as the list grows faster than i thought, certain restrictions need to apply. i treat all in the list as friends to do my private critical updates, hope people do the same to me and show their friendship.
for new people want to join the email list, i have to be much more selective and strick to protect myself. basher prompt me to raise the alert level.

3). Joseph is on vacation. i like to thank him for showing the great friendship and support of the blog. friendship is a mutual term. i can analyze anything for good friendship.

4). the strong down fun should start tomorrow, probable excuse could be initial jobless claims.
Yesterday i did say "it stayed at the top, had two days of doji doing nothing, so don't have too much expectation in the beginning move."