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Friday, September 24, 2010

Three Peaks and Doomed (Crash) pattern completion

at 9/21's 1148.58 high, there were only 2 peaks.
today we have the 3rd peak, the 3 peaks and doomed (crash) pattern is completed.
the negative breadth divergence is huge, warrent plunging crash coming.
you can only see Three Peaks and Doomed on humble's blog, nowhere else.

PS. 1). some expressed disappointment of no Oct 4 crash. i explain here:
don't know why people are so disapointed regarding no crash on the day of Oct 4.
i posted and explained why i chose Oct 4.
if i can nail down exactly Oct 4 be the crash day from one month ahead, that propbably would the first person first time in human history!!!
so you know how challenging is that! This morning, once i saw the sign, i canceled that specific Oct 4 crash day, which is a normal thing. i don't think so far anybody in the world can nail down one specific day for a crash one month ahead of time, but i love to challenge it based on my crash setup and projection, calculation. if i could do it, i would a legend. don't you think so? so didn't nail it down is normal, because nobody in the world can do it.

as for new crash window, i already have a potential one and how that could play out, but this time i choose to be conservative and just saying during October, so people won't be disappointed again. Even saying a 36% crash in October is extremely challenging. During the last hundred year, how many time were there having 36% crash within one month? very rare. the probability is very low. but i like to challenge it based on what i see on my own pattern observation and calculation. if i don't nail down, again a normal thing because it's an extreme rare thing in last century.
i love to chanllenge mission impossible, i like to fulfill unthinkable dream. because i am a humble student, willing to learn and try anything. i failed often, i fell down often, but i will rise, get up and try again and again. making life an exciting challenging one. isn't that life about? yes, there also is one more important thing in life. next time.