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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

time and price, pattern and structure, 80 yr & 10yr ago & now, dji & nikkei, all naturely rhythming so well. Must be god's work.

9/15/2010, the cycle day i posted over 3 weeks ago:
1). identical to the 1930 dji 280 great depression cycle.
2). identical to the 2000 nasdaq 5k internet bubble cycle.
3). identical to the 1990 Nikkei 38k melt down cycle.
4). identical to the 2008 oil price 147 melt down cycle.

rhythming, not repeat;
they all share the identical cycle pattern.
they all share the same elliott waves relativity counts and structures.
they all share the same pitch forks resistances nature.
they all eventually melt down around 80%.
NOW, on 9/15/2010, spx matches all above characteristics.
how could they rhythming so strikingly close in all above natures?
time and price, pattern and structure, all naturely rhythming so well.
from 80 years ago to 10 years ago to now, from U.S. to Japan, all rhythming well and flow in the same stream.
must be god's work of the nature! holy grail!!!

the structures in many fronts, both long term and short term, are near identical to pre-1987 great crash.
the timing pattern is near total identical so far.
the patterns of near finish of recovery top are identical.

if spx tomorrow 9/16 plunge to 1092+-, then it's a direct match of 1987 crash cycle & pattern to that point.
if we have a large gap down open on 9/16, SELL, SELL, SELL! If it comes, meaning the trap door is closed.
we can not get 1987 style 25% a day crash because of the circuit breaker, but it could seperate into multiple sessions.
So Far So Good on both crash and depression cycle and patterns.

Red or Blue, your choice?