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Monday, September 13, 2010

Sep 13 market close update: Potential Oct 1st & 4th Crash - Proceeds Well as scheduled & patterned. Not top yet, cycle targeting 9/16.

time than price strategy;

i should use the time cycle than the price as strategy.

more than 3 weeks ago, while at 1040, i saw and posted 9/16 as cycle top. now at 1123, i still see 9/16 as cycle top, this cycle timeline is from multiple angles and methods, should be relaible.

it won't plunge right after the cycle top, would side way for some time then enter the projected crash window. crashes usually come from the blue sky, and concentrated selling of 4 to 5 days, with the last leg of climax plunges or crashes.

market should start to get into center of action after 9/24. no need to catch the exact top, stay in the center of the action is the best for the profit. the rest is just sideway, whipsaws annoyance. time strategy and patient are the keys.

1). after review, it's obviously my strategical mistake to sell the market prematurely. that probably because i saw potential crash one month ahead. it's one month away from where i projected the crash, it still have plenty of time! and my MT multi-angle cycle top on 9/16 is not even there yet. probably too eager and no patient, a lesson to learn.

2). as for QE2 potential, if market turned to the other side of the blade. the best part of the center action already passed. the center of action is the first 4 to 5 days, an mirror image of the plunges or crashes. if it would make new high than 1220, would be choppy whipsawing between lines isoL and iso1, take more than 6 months to get there for the finale of the bear rally. a roadmap of time, price, and structure already mapped late Aug for this purpose while i was posting and charting QE2 (record on blog).

3). A third version, current chart and cycle pattern also matches depression style.

4). So we have 3 choices.
Choice A, crashes in early Oct. i see crashes are good for america. like the 1987 great crash, just one time short pain, then it began the multi-decades bull market. let it crash and get over with it, and good for the country, good for the people. people will buy, at least i will buy lots stocks. it's like a seriously illed person, if slow dosage is taken, it would take forever. but if concentrate to cut off the most serious ill part, even though the one time pain is great, but it's once for all. no pain, no gain. of course, the patient must be curable.

Choice B, QE2. but even with QE2, it can only make not much higher than T2 top. since the fire power could be exhausted, then nothing left in the coming crisis. it's a short sighted solution. it's just a delayed version of great depression due to exhausted power.

Choice C, great depression style. it's a long lasting pain for decades, market would down around 80% after 2 years. examples are great depression, nikkei, nasdaq y2k bubble.
which plan do you like?