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Thursday, September 23, 2010

To Everything There Is a Season, Turn! Turn! Turn!

turn, turn, turn. autumnal equinox, the beginning of the end.

PS. 1). someone made a email list suggestion: " If I may make a gentle suggestion, another criterion (other than friendship) might be whether you gain something from the communications with others. For example, a constructive feedback on your market analysis; some additional information that you don't know, etc. I personally think I might be able to provide you some perspective of my own. I read a lot of stuff every day so I might be able share some information that you might have omitted in your busy life, especially on the fundamental side. I hope this contribution should be valuable enough to qualify me on your list without disclosing too much personal information about myself."
2). new inquiry to the list should have as detail as possible (without disclosing too much personal information)to make me feel VERY comfortable. bashers prompt me to have high alert to know people much more better. if i don't reply, could mean not enough to make me feel comfortable. Because it's my private communication channel, i have the right.
3). people on the list should continue to share their information or view, analysis on blog or email to maintain the position. after receiving updates, no show after one week, two weeks will be suspended, removed from the list accordingly. i work for you, you do the mutual benefit. not necessary market related, anything constructive will be fine.
4). don't be a stranger, be part of the community. it will only getting better.
5). suggestions welcome.

6). yes, all the crosses are completely symmetrical.

7). my calc with today's initial jobless claim data & spx correlation, should be at 1100~1110 spx. waiting for Joseph's jobless chart.

8). both DMA50 and 100 are around 1095.
Into the close, potential "Three Black Crows Bearish".
High reliability trend bearish reversal.
"What it Means
In an uptrend three long black days occur with consecutively lower closes. This pattern suggests that the market has been at a high price for too long, and investors are beginning to compensate for it."