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Thursday, September 16, 2010

topping formation

trucation(not tounching the upper line),
or over-throw (above the upper line then come back), either way is fine for the topping pattern.

as for cycle, Sep 16 +-1 still good. some of the methods are developed from very long decades cycle, +-1 day should not matter that much. i don't hear anyone has this time frame as cycle top. or is there?

later than sooner is better for crash in October timing.
earlier in the week, i keep on saying don't top too soon in time. i am more comfortable it didn't turn in early.

i know, lots bears can't take it anymore, and more bulls feel comfortable, AAII bullish percent at new 52-week high says all. but that's the purpose of the game. in technical, it's extending the time, stalling the price to meet the cycle, price pattern.
patient, it needs 4th failure, that's what i saw and called late Aug bottom. and the 4th failure also was what i called Aug 9 top. now we need the 4th failure to exhaust itself and die by its own weight. when i called 1040 bottom & all in long, lots bears didn't believe. hope i am right about this top here, and patiently be with on this top call.

PS. yesterday's special market update still good with today's action. probably even better.
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