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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

trend & short term play

this is not a trading advice, always do your own dd. for entertainment purpose only!
tomorrow's day trade fun plan, from the mirror image of Aug 12's. if there is a strong gap up, it could try to close the gap. sell shortly after the open could be a higher reward risk ratio play. could buy back when it's near tomorrow's gap (might not close). it should not close near the high like today. even if it close at the high(exhausted), should come back to the openning sell level in the next 2 days.

if it's a gap down, it could try to retrace 50% of 1181 and 1040 to around 1060.

if swing for longer period of time, higher price should come later because today is a strong trend changer confimation with breakaway gap. AND it just started off on the MT cycle turn date, should not last only one day for the cycle. there are other ST cycles to be pay attention to.
there are ST overbought condition needs to burn off, probably sideway whipsaw tomorrow to end with slightly down.