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Saturday, October 2, 2010

eTsunami Grand Crash ~ ETA October 14, 2010

Oct 5: Today's new high make the ETA postponed 3 days to Oct 19, 2010. The anniversay of Oct 19, 1987 Great Crash!
today's 1~2 points spx new high means nothing.
4 of the posted grand patterns are intact, only one short term chart got invalidated.
it can delay a few points, a few days, but the Grand Crash pattern is inevitable!

ST, it's exactly the Z-wave fractal i talked to a few on the last night launched pattern training exercise, it's still contained under the upward iso line. actually the sooner, sharper it makes the new high, the better for bears. otherwise slow rise would be higher.
On my original post of this thread, i said:
PS. 1). Joseph, delay or not, sooner or not, not a matter, imho, it's inevitable. Oct 14 only is an ETA.
Bottom line is Grand Crash will come, imho. a few days, a few points is nothing in a ONCE A DECADE BIGGEST EVENT.

Oct 3, 2010 Sunday night, eTsunami wave alert issued!

Oct 3, 2010 Sunday night, re-labeled following Three Peaks and Domed chart point #25 and #27, we should be at #27, ready for the grand crash!

do you feel lucky enough seeing these already?!
even more! what even much worse than the 1987 great crash is a direct match in all aspects!!!

in depth study of the volume, i have found this market is a huge scheme. those biggest institutions are no fool, it's a big distributions during the last 5 months. they must know something, and trying their best to get out of this market.


PS. 1). Joseph, delay or not, sooner or not, not a matter, imho, it's inevitable. Oct 14 only is an ETA.
2). will try to notify people on the email list when the final signal triggered and furious into the storm.
3). i wonder if those hindenburg omen people at least not bearish or even turned bullish at this specific moment as market is at 4 months high. then this grand crash would supprise most people, wouldn't it? that's how a grand one is setting up for!

4). Oct 4:
The official flash crash report can not explain the disruptions of currency, treasury bond, commodity markets.

5). 15:45pm Oct 5:
dan, 3 out of 5 charts above still valid. the 3 peaks and doomed chart need to check after it updates after the close. only the ST chart is invalid. so far, all the iso lines are line.