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Thursday, October 7, 2010

2010 Miss Universe

final results, cut after market close - winner is # 6
total votes 28

2 votes for # 1
11 votes for # 4
1 vote for # 5
14 votes for # 6

you are the judge, post which one is your choice. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6.

1). Oct 8, No concern, not a matter!
spx made another 2 to 3 points new high, postpone the code red window by another day. as i said many times, they can fool around a few points, a few days, the big picture of Grand Crash won't change at all. i am looking for a few hunhred spx points crash, does a few points concern me?
2). Oct 8, my analysis indcates US Dollar already bottom yesterday Oct 7. Proper action been taken yesterday at Taipei, Taiwan for this matter.
3). Oct 8, spx is level 2 expanding triangle termination with 3 levels of ST iso lines resistance stop. all those intraday spiking highs won't stay!
4). i see people on the blog losing faith in the coming crash. there are so much talks about QE2 everywhere which i started to post on the blog one and a half months ago while the market was at 1040 bottom while nearly nobody talked about it at that time. at that time majority people (blogs, analysts, FM on TV) were very pessimistic. check this humble blog during late Aug, i did so many bullish analysis posts and QE2 posts, and posted all in long & were looking for spx 1150(110 spx points run), all contrarian to all other people's.
Now, i abandoned QE2 while the rest jump on the late wagon. Now, i know QE2 is just a talk or only will be engaged after the grand crash while most late comers starting to believe, it's crowd sentiment. they didn't know at the beginning, jump on the wagon late, end up with Jack got the last tickets and boarded the Titanic with inevitable journey.

5). And now i am into the Grand Crash expectation(not a usual large scale crash, it's a once in a century Grand one), probably nobody in the blogosphere (or in the whole world) is looking for this kind of grand scale crash at this moment. Let's see what happen in the next few weeks.