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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Broadening Top - if we topped today, potential "FIRST" crash ETA is Nov 3 +-. THIS BLOG ABSOLUTELY DISCOURAGE TRADING OPTIONS!!!

pomo is just an excuse of people's failed t/a.
be a fighter, fight like a terminator, never give up.
it's not pomo, it's iso working!
for example, last night's final back test didn't work. i re-group and find out what's wrong and solve it. never give up, never stop.

here i am using the strongest index ($ndx passed above Apr 26 top) to set an example.
Expanding Triangle(broadening top) is a crash pattern, we have the expanding pattern across different levels.

fomc Nov 2 & 3?
Election Nov 2?
can someone confirm the dates?
if so, what a timing design!
i expect a series of crashes spead out to form the Grand Crash.
Second potential ETA reviewing.
hey, look at the time of the $spx chart i caught - 21-Oct 2010 11:05am, it's right at the Top!

PS. 1). panda, both of your statements are incorrect. i have bases of what i am saying and exactly, i don't randomly just say Grand Crash. but myself is a rare case, hardly people really understand all of my sayings. some of the very special technicals, i can only mention it, don't want to risk it because of everybody knows.
2). in most(nearly all) of the crash models, the first two days closed flat(doji) after a volatile day. then crashed 10 days later. 1987 great crash included. so, don't have to much expectation of today and tomorrow of down too much.