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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

complete big picture - P3

:):):) << prediction: there will be a grand crash, a series of crashes, within the next 12 months. soonest one day, latest 365 days. you can count on that! considering grand crash is once a century event, this time range should be considered as excellent timing and worth waiting :) >> that's the quietest i can keep. :):):) i am very very patient!
if you google "grand crash", this blog is the first to use this terminology, nobody else using the term.

Munis—the next debt crisis?

short term, more noise. while bounced off the lower pitch fork line yesterday, staying at the lower pitch fork channel, not going anywhere.
btw, this ST chart is one of the 6 setups of my crash/extreme weakness system. one secret is out.
now it passed 4 out of 6 level 2 crash criteria. today is day 4 off the 1196 top. if you read, you know my crash timing rule. :)

PS. 1). TJ posted:
i was two weeks earlier of the idea of the QE2 Con Game than above people while spx was high at 1184. just some noises of 2 weeks of 14points more, no big deal if you see what's coming.

i also was the first one to call QE2 right away when i saw the news and saw greenspan #2 walking on TV.

Now i am one step ahead again :), quietly preparing many unpublished "next game plan". i might not want to be loud this time. keep it quiet, share with dears, with mutual benefits.

2). a person asked about if my P3 the same as Prechter and others P3? The answer is "NO". My P3 is is "3 Peaks and Doomed".

3). Pelican, thank you.