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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Con-QE2-Games Top

Oct 15 10:00am ET after 21 hours, very top rated charts have sent to all posters contributed to this QE2 related Fed news. that's it for now for the distribution of the charts. people still welcome to post the QE2 news, but it's late for the charts.

Sound Money and robroy12358, if you are interested in the complete version of the charts, let me know. since you have the heart to help, even though first time posting.
the mission was to collect all the QE2 talks, opinions by fed voting members, then judge each of their stance on qe2. A very simple task, no technicals involved, only news searching, or get to each fed division's website. After 10 hours, only 2 people willing to help for this easy job! "a grand master design" issuing canceled.
Ben S. Bernanke;
William C. Dudley;
Thomas M. Hoenig;
James Bullard;
Elizabeth A. Duke;
Sandra Pianalto;
Eric S. Rosengren;
Daniel K. Tarullo;
Kevin M. Warsh.

in every aspects, the above charts showing perfectly highly rhythmed with T2 Terminator Top on this Apr.

for the last 1~2 weeks, i already felt QE2 is just a scam of con game.
the cheap talks already mission completed w/o spending even one bullet.
now the cheap talk is used, and no more needed, so they are finding an exit strategy for qe2 talks, using a few governors to issue disagreements as a way to exit. they have to find excuses to exit, and that's the only way.
if some of them disagree, why wait till one and a half month later? to me, apparaently they are serving their purpose.
they really have credibility issue.
but when did they have credibility? since the whole mess is their product over the years, decade.

not a matter, they are just trying to postpone the inevitable.
this is another ingriedient for the Grand Crash, since everyone is on the QE2 love boat.

help needed to post all the talks/writings by the fed governors and titanic captain regarding QE2. post them here.

PS. 1). with today's 462K initial jobless claims, correlated, charted spx fair value is 1135.
2). these top rated T2, Con-QE2-Games Top charts will be posted after lots help on this topic. i am confident people won't be disappointed on these very high quality, very useful timely charts. now, where is the help?