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Monday, October 18, 2010

Elephants Are Terrified By Ants - AAPL within 6 months target price $76. (Another way to picture the Grand Crash).

The legend is that a mouse can freak out elephants, but the truth is that their worst enemy is much smaller: Ants. Elephants get scared of ants.

Steve Jobs Critiques Apple’s Rival
Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs made a surprise appearance on the
company’s quarterly earnings call on Monday for the first time in two years.

AAPL - Oct 18, 2010
1). humblestudent echen issued Crash Target Price within 6 months: $76.
2). Accompany with stock market Grand Crash.
3). Completion of Crash pattern Wave of Triangle of A Triangle on Oct 18, 2010 pre-earning release.
4). Support at mid A-C line of $76.
5). The whole world's gadgets against Apple's. Though currently is the second largest market cap company, but an elephant will be terrified by ants or mice. Is Jobs terrified and showed up at earning call to critique rivals?
6). Exact same chart pattern as RIMM(see charts).
RIMM once was the best gadgets in the world, astonishing growth, earning, quarter after quarter for 5.5 years. Then crashed 76% within an astonishing 5.5 months, accompanied with the 2008 market crash. That was 10X velocity.

this is another way to picture the coming Grand Crash. The crash pattern for aapl and $spx is inevitable(plus 3 peaks and domed and many crash patterns), just sooner or later. Grand crash when? i don't mind as long as it and the whole market get there.

PS. 1). on the previous elliott wave topic. i just figured out the past weekend. on the traditional elliott wave count, spx can not be the corrective wave 2 of the down move(wave 1) of Apr 26's 1220 ~ 1010. With $ndx and so many stocks making new highs, it's inconsistance, not all-the-same-market. it's something else that even the elliott wave master robert prechter and his ewi and all others can not figure out for so long. i didn't relaize either untill the past weekend. it's a textbook case, but very tricky. there isn't any quality ew disscusions, no real elliott waver on the previous thread, not worth to go further. i just want to make a record and point out here that it's wrong to say it's wave 2 of 3 of the rally of 1039 to 1185, from Aug 27, 2010 to Oct 18, 2010. The impact will be big if making the wrong counts. that's for the traditional elliott wave! i will focus on the ew relativity.