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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Elliott Wave topic only - all markets can be unified with one common count(international included) - extremely important(or the most) market structure

please continue while new topic opened.
It's an extremely important market structure that troubled almost every elliott wavers for so long, no matter bullish or bearish. Finally there is a light at end of the tunnel...
post your favorite and alternate elliott wave counts here, bullish and/or bearish counts are welcome. overall counts since March 6, 2009 bottom, and/or squiggle counts.

i see spx, dji, compq, ndx, rut, majority of international markets, doesn't matter pass April high, new ATH or not, all can be unified with one common elliott wave count.
this is an overall elliott wave count never been published (i checked nearly every ew places). i can nearly guarantee, no matter you are bull or bear, would agree if you pratice elliott wave.
let's see enough interests on this topic can make me feel worth to post it. this is an extremely (or the most) important market structure, i will only share if you are willing to share the most important you have with me.
i posted this topic nearly 2 weeks ago, not enough interest.
if not enough again, topic will be closed after certain period of time.

PS. 1). what i am mentioning above is the traditional elliott wave.