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Sunday, October 17, 2010

elliott wave

post all (traditional) elliott wave related here, let's see how we can clear the confusions of lots bullish, bearish, alternate counts. if ENOUGH quality discussions, will go further steps. let's solve the puzzle. yes, we can!!! there is a best satisfactory solution can resolve the imbalance of spx(no new high vs. T2) and ndx(new high passes T2) of the traditional elliott wave, which i don't see any place has a satisfactory solution yet. :)
Lehman goes, so goes the market in 2008.
will goldman effect bigger than lehman?

PS. 1). panda, that person you posted is a nasty basher. a while ago, i have revealed the exact info.
2). Pelican, Excellent. i love the term "Tsunami" Of Loan Repurchase Demands. eTsunami is the grand waves i see coming.