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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

i was awaken by the noise, just noise. 3PD vs T2

10/13, $ndx made a marginal new high than 4/26's. it will be near impossible to use traditional elliott wave to count all indexes as bearish wave 2 consistantly while ndx is at new high. new high can't be a counter wave 2.
elliott wave relativity is fine with ndx's new high, and have consistant counts with all indexes.
imho, all elliott waves are relative, not absolute.

a market without financials participation is not real, because all your money is in financials, one way or other.

MT iso lines - spx, dji. a little noise, looks fine.
Titanic captain ordered more and more speed before sank with the ship into the bottom of the mid Atlantc ocean.
the following image seem looked alike someone want more and more. i can not remember who he is, can someone help?

the right hand side of #23 of the three peaks and domed house should be fast and furious. titanic has more water in, heavier to sink faster.

5th wave extention of 5th wave extention, the maximum waves counts possible.

financials lead, time is up!

similar technique i did in late Apr.

more coming, since i am awaken now.

PS 1). hi victor, i have that intraday 3 peaks and dome house chart ready, been watching for it.