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Monday, October 11, 2010

Nikkei Great Deflation continue; China Shanghai diamond bubble; spx Grand Crash; Collapse of EuroZone - Worldwide Grand Depression(warning- V bearish)

if the world goes into grand depression, i like Taiwan 台灣, the Beautiful Island, Formosa! Come visit, warmest welcome.

Titanic captain Smith ordered more speed; Chairman helicopter ordered more QE.
when a person is poisoned, should give more poison or flush out the excessive to refresh again? our leaders seem don't understand this simple logic!

during this rally, the iso lines of spx, dji, nasdaq ... never got violated, cattle were always kept contained.

spx Gartley pattern, idea courtsey Dr. Nakauchi 丈滋
point B less by 9 points;
so far point D less by 6 points.

Nikkei must die, from following nikkei chart, you can imply my expectation of spx. :

please don't believe what i say,
please do your own dd, and make your own investment decision.
please see the Disclaimer near the end of the blog page.

PS 1). new high, as long as iso lines are fine, i am fine. they are fine.