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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

QE(n); n=4 after Grand Crash, window Oct 20 +-2(2nd revision)

Grand Crash partial setup.

Titanic fired 8 rockets, but not distress signals.

Quantitative Easing, or distressed signals should have a firing sequence?
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imho, the next QE would only come after the Grand Crash. It will be forced to come, not by their will.

PS. 1). my personal expectation of the Grand Crash. it's waves of waves selling. won't be a one day event.
A). greater than May 6 Flash Crash? Certainly.
B). greater than Oct 2008 Crash? Yes.
C). greater than Oct 1987 Great Crash? Yes.
That's why i call it Grand! i have charts scenario analysis to support my theory. people say crash is rare. yes, it's once a decade, a life time event, 99.999% people won't know it's coming. just like all people on the Titanic cruise. But there are setups and traces for a crash, do they know how? did they know how 1987 great crash, this May's flash crash was setup? both came from nowhere. but in fact, not really, charts setup can detect them ahead of time. the market can fooling around a few points here or there, a few days here or there, but it's inevitable. Once Titanic hit the iceburg, it's inevitable, waves of waves of water sank it.
this is for entertainment purpose, not investment advice. for myself, i quit options trading long time ago, think that is for greedy people. it's a suicidal gamble.

2). Pelican, indeed, a very bold call, a once in a life time call, a crash greater than all above mentioned!
waves of waves of selling. i see it's not a one day or a few days events. i have a price target if topped already. the longer it fooling around here, the wider the expanding channel will open, hence lower the price target, price also is a function of velocity. Pelican, if you look down from Taipei 101, the view will be much clear. :)
after the selling start to heat up, i might post the grand charts showing why this is the grand crash and larger than all others. be patient. later, i might show partial to picture the grand.