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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday Night Fever - Three Peaks and Doomed

Listen to the ground:
there is movement all around.
There is something goin' down
and I can feel it.

On the waves of the air,
there is volatility out there.
If it's somethin' we can share,
we can steal it.

Then I get night fever, night fever.
We know how to do it.
Gimme that night fever, night fever.
We know how to show it.

PS. 1). Once a century Grand crash(plunge 45%+- within 1 month) canceled. Model Grand crash did occur in the past.
2). Code blue going forward.
3). Code blue Y1930 crashed 86% in two years. Code blue Y2K crashed 46% in two years. Code blue Y2007 crashed 57% in 1.5 years. humblestudent echen expect $spx to crash 75%~80% to 310- within two years.