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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Code Red - Titanic sank fast because it was still sailing after iceberg encounter.

Titanic is sinking, and i am not on board. i lost the tickets to "Jack" on a "bet".

"titanic" art work - it probable is one of the best artwork i created, lol.
isn't the shape of the market alike the titanic so much? also the mentality is the same if you view them in every angle.

the pattern shape of the overall large ship already sank after finished T2 on Apr. now the smaller ship is going to sink. the shape of the large and small ships are so alike, you can turn that into some kind(whatever) of special waves(more water) count for the large and small titanic. no more rescue ship coming. god bless those people still on the ship.

imho, the world market, $spx, gold, treasury bonds all ships are going down after the desperated bubble saving pumps.
the titanic is made of iron, sure it can sink! the heavier the iron, the faster it sinks. The more the pumps, the faster the market will go down - code red, it will be faster than everyone can imagine, imho.
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