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Sunday, October 10, 2010

tree of the forest

looking at the futures, might still have a little marginal to run.
time b=c+d+e, i remember that's one of Neely's mentioning of the triangle in the past.
anyway, we are very close. it's like taking one dollar changes to a thousand dollar gross.
as said in following dialogue.
"Keep the change, ya filthy animal."

Johnny: Who is it?
Snakes: It's me, Snakes. I got the stuff.
Johnny: Leave it on the doorstep, and get the hell outta here.
Snakes: All right, Johnny. But what about my money?
Johnny: What money?
Snakes: Acey said ya had some dough for me.
Johnny: Is that a fact? How much do I owe ya?
Snakes: Acey said 10%.
Johnny: Too bad Acey ain't in charge no more.
Snakes: Whattaya mean?
Johnny: He's upstairs, takin' a bath. He'll call you when he gets out. Hey! I tell ya what I'm gonna give you, Snakes. [pulls out his Tommy Gun] I'm gonna give you to the count of 10, to get your ugly, yellow, no-good keister off my property, before I pump your guts full o' lead!
Snakes: [about to leave] All right, Johnny. I'm sorry. I'm goin'!
Johnny: 1... 2... 10!
[he starts firing his gun at Snakes and laughs maniacally]
Johnny: Keep the change, ya filthy animal.


[last line]