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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Prediction: Collpse of Euro Zone ==> Grand Crash ==> Worldwide Grand Depression.

views - yours, his, others on following images?
participations please, even a word is fine, so i can feel people are interesting in this USD topic, so that, imho, unthinkable, never be seen charts to follow. more participation of discussions, more charts. less is less.

imho, that's the catalyst for once a century Grand Crash. could be WGD (Worldwide Grand Depression). i repeat, ONCE IN A CENTURY !
fed can't save eurozone, can it?
2008 first wave is Bears Sterns collapse, second wave is lehman brothers, aig, 2F collapse.
2010 first wave is PIIG crisis, second wave is ...

All these speculations are pure from my chart analysis only, no other factor involved.

a short term introduction chart to start with.

i see this is a Grand Crash, the time issue could be different than other crashes.
for me, October or not is not a matter. i don't invest in options or time sensitive instruments.
probably issuing "Oct 21 window of series of crashes" is not a wise statement. but currently i see this Grand crash starting in October, lasting into November. could it also be into December? not sure, depends on the velocity. Either way, it's a Grand Crash.
and i believe the trigger could be "The Collapse of the EuroZone" (my prediction).,8599,2024090,00.html
(my latest comments there on the top).
i think this latest Time magazine article rhythming what happened in the 1930s. trade wars, protectionism... i predict, will induce "Worldwide Grand Depression".

Prediction: Collapse of the EuroZone + Grand Crash + Worldwide Grand Depression

here is the chart analysis of The Collapse of the EuroZone.
let's have much more discussions, better and more would follow.


more: (best USD chart reserved for until best participations)
imho, creditable target 144.
not enough discussions, will keep the best USD chart(10X better than the $xeu chart) till EuroZone getting "burning hot". But that $XEU Three peaks and Domed House already is a blessing to Euro! ######### next topic ==>

looks like people probably like to see ST tree rather than the LT forest, switch to ST post.