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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

amazing setup!

no matter it comes or not, you see the big picture here!

11:05 et spx @1182's.
nasdaq tickq becoming OVERBOT, not oversold! imagine that!
but tick is oversold.
and trin still indicate a ST very OVERBOT market.
amazing, isn't it.
this is a great setup!

the email scenario potential has increased GREATLY! line passed, can be anytime if not back up the line.

12:45pm ET: depends on how it close, could just be a warm up. exceptional key members have the advantage see the exact of all setup and first, earn it if you like. or might reveal or do another email update tonight.

i will reveal overall elliott wave counts if followers reach 177. guarantee won't be a disappointment and you never seen before. reach 222, i will reveal the whole setup. 150 for the next few days' big setup.

fully shorted at yesterday's strength, no touch a single share. i wish i have more money to add.
i don't recommend option trading no matter how promising.

13:30: at 11:05 spx @1182's, i said tick was oversold.
now at 13:30 spx @1177, tick is 2/3 OVERBOT. imagine that! how it close will have a huge impact.

16:00 hold all shorts.
market closed at a very very interesting point. extremely critical here. fear factor is high. will have announcements on blog or email from time to time. no matter how it varies, big picture does not change at all. the line has drawn for all indexes, even many internationals i checked. worth a try with trailing. i have a big advantage. :)

PS. 1). McSum is over a year class A bearish divergence as i posted on Nov 4. class A is the most bearish, for over an year period, make it even more creditable.
i posted a spx class A bullish divergence for 3 months period during late Aug, look at how strong is that rally.
this McSum of over a year bearish class A divergence is much much bigger, the market is toasted. well, i already knew certain lines of all indexes are near impossibility to pass. the elliott wave toward the top is a classical textbook termination case, can not be failed, i wonder how no one see that textbook case? not even the master of the book author.