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Monday, November 22, 2010

not an investment advice, only for ENTERTAINMENT!
for what it's worth - free of charge!

PS. 1). this is not an investment advise, please see the disclaimer.
2). has been more than 2 weeks, i see no blog know how to count the wave up to 1227.08, most of them are on wave 4 proceeding. heard the rumor that ewi is on the same page of wave 4.
imho, the 5th wave already finished, it's on robert prechter's ew textbook bible - ewp. it's an exact carbon copy of the textbook case which i sent to key members more than 2 weeks ago. i wonder why prechter himself can not see this typical termination wave?!
3). linus, thanks. i already out of tza on 11/22 as the pennant target reached. then later onto different instruments. i think large cap would underperform small cap. i guess international tension, n. korea, ireland, europe probably will affect large cap more than small cap, due to large cap have more globalal explosure. also financials, banks frauds are affecting more on large. that's why we see $rut outperform last 2 days.
4). market n00b, other trader at xtrend can take whatever number or dream he has, i have no comment. i have my own number and dream. i wouldn't even mix my own different dreams together in my sleep. one dream at a time, when wake up, still need to face the reality, don't we? and the reality is n was shooting at s. fraud people being investigated, europe still deep in trouble, u.s. still have lots people out of job & can't continue the bad habit to borrow to consume... those are not dream, are them? market noob, smile, when you wake up in the morning, everything in your dream will be gone, even some of those might be very sweet. what's the first thing in the morning? that's the reality, i guess.
5). WealthAdviserUK, when a code is called on 11/22, the next day on 11/23, spx plunged from 1198.5 to 1176.9, a plunge of 21.6 spx points. is it good enough for a free of charge blog? i traded accordingly. now, it's under review, no conclusion yet. can be yss, can be no. once there is a conclusion, will notify if you are on the list.
my understanding is majority of blogs and paid services did not expect yesterday 11/23's big plunge, most of them were looking up(that even include some perma bear blogs and paid services).
if you want a good investment advice, seek professional financial advisors, most likely won't be free of charge. all calls here are for entertainment only.