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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

compq symmetrical time price structure

isn't that a perfect geometry with both time and price?
spx is on a different time price structure. i am somewhat relieved that spx cycle top on 10/25 of 1196.14 never got bettered even with somewhat volatility along the price line by dimes(only cash maket counts for cycle work, not future market, inverse scenario happened during early July bottom). 10/25 not only is the Fibonacci cycle top i posted, also is two important cycles i discovered or invented. hope i didn't jinx about it since not yet 13:15 fomc yet.

PS. 1). if i missed any of you on the email update last night, please let me know.
2). Joseph, as i mentioned to you many times. the only holy grail in t/a i believe is study and work hard. never be complacent as what's going on. there is nothing once for all, always rolling, moving, looking forward some steps ahead. life is a living thing, we learn, grow everyday, and there is an eternity of it, i realized - well, that's a different topic that i havn't finished the writing of it.
3). rippy, observation, work hard is the book, no other book i am using. the most often book i check is robert prechter's elliott wave principle(even though i can almost memorize it), i have not read any other t/a book for a long long time.
4). garesky, the columbia blog you posted is banned from here. and is the only blog in the world i ban. a very nasty basher toward me.
5). garesky, i highly believe the bearish blue 1-2 labeling is incorrect, most bearish blogs have that count.