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Friday, November 5, 2010


i should have known this better, too many charts in the library.

PS. 1). TJ, nice observation from you.
2). jxxd, i like your analogy. Titanic captain Smith ordered more speed before it sank.
3). people received my last email update: if you are still interested in receiving, at least send me an email acknowlegement of receiving.
4). if we do a survey about FED, bernanke, QE2, what would be the items of choices? suggestion? Or other survey suggestion?
5).Antler, 2 threads below you posted:
For bashers, your approach is great. If you recognize a basher's email, simply mark it as spam and delete it. If bashers post comments on the blog, delete them and ban the IDs. I think it's more difficult to register a new ID than ban an ID. They really need to have passion to keep registering new IDs simply for the purpose of bashing. I think the best way to deal with them is three weapons: (1) delete (2) ban (3) ignore. >>

Antler, finally i came through about this, my thinking is:
Forgive them ALL no matter what they say or do. Nothing can not be forgiving, life is short and fragile. they probably have their disturbances or something of doing so, i considerate & forgive all. All minds stay peace. i wish them the best to have a peace and calm mind to relieve the disturbances. i know life is lots disturbances, if they feel bashing me will make them feel better, i sacrifice and let them post and do so here, i won't block or ban anyone. and i don't open those email either, they might contain virus.

6). jxxd asked: "I'm wondering is there is correlation between the market capitalization of the sp500 and the amount of QE and movement in SPX the last 2 years."

“Bernanke Put”:
Yes, there is, i have spent many hours yesterday went through FED documents, announcements, and came up with a correlation chart with spx, it's a facinating chart. i found out the $600 billion QE2 effect should correlate to spx 1219.54. i am missing about 7 spx points somewhere in the FED accounting book, still trying to find out where is the money for the 7 points. retail buyers? short squeeze? overshoot? one FED instalment i missed?
in the mean time, the FOMC statement on Aug 5, 2008 right before the 2008 autumn financial storm showing "FED knows nothing". and later their response was very late and calculated amount was wrong, then ajdusted later. also their injection timing kept on changing. On Apr 28, 2010 FOMC, they closed all QE1, claimed victory, there comes the flash crash to greet their "victory". now the $600B has achieve the goal(claiming victory?). i expect the market will respond with grand crash, fade the FED in a biggest way, a perfect storm of “Bernanke Put” .
i think FED is quite ignorant, reckless, not knowing what's going on, missing again and again...what else description can you use?
Aug 5, 2008 FOMC statement (partial):
Aug 5, 2008 FOMC statement:
Economic activity expanded in the second quarter, partly reflecting growth in consumer spending and exports.
Inflation has been high, spurred by the earlier increases in the prices of energy and some other commodities, and some indicators of inflation expectations have been elevated. The Committee expects inflation to moderate later this year and next year, but the inflation outlook remains highly uncertain. ... Although downside risks to growth remain, the upside risks to inflation are also of significant concern to the Committee. >>
That was the statement right before the financial storm.