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Saturday, November 13, 2010


1). Nov 15: i see this coming down from P2 rhythming with T2 quite well. not sure would be certain degree code red or code blue, not grand type. not ready to reveal the charts yet, maybe sometimes too many public know is not a good thing. so we have a mechanism of key members, email list in criticals.
2). i am in and out trading all morning, a busy 1st half.
now holding shorts both hands. real time trading publish suspended, subject to furher review. this morning, so many tradings, extra work of posting them would impact my time decision on both trading and analysis. and not many interested, not much benefits for people and me.
3). look at that Muni crash going, charts somewhat rhythming with spx. took advantage of the market strength, fully shorted, very comfortable. one will spill to another, one way or another, sooner or later, expected or unexpected. be an exceptional key member to contribute to me and the blog, then you will have an advantage to have them first hand, timely.
4). we might be a day or days away within this week. P2 all the same setup as T2. 2 days +-1.

5). Nov 15: throughout the day, various short sell positions accumulation of spx & rut via spxu & tza, 3X leveraged.