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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving from a humble student. Review analysis.

imho and my habit, always do a post analysis, no matter right or wrong. staying in complacency is the most dangerous, not only in trading, but also in life.

except shown above, there are 6 setups for a code red. if it's that easy, we would have hundreds of code red in the last 10 year. we only had less than 5 code red in the last 10 years.
day #1 and day #2 and all pevious setup looks fine.
before entering day #3, always check "the fear factors(i have 8 different ones)", and beware of the "two sides of the blade" that can cut both bulls and bears. that's what happened to bears on 11/24, cut by the other side of the bear because of not knowing fear factors and some "small" things.

PS. 1). i see there are lots confusion about $rut small cap. for the past several years, it has its own characteristics which is totally different from $spx, if you do not know it, could be hurt badly both ways on trading. luckily i have figured out a way to drive it. :)
sometimes, it would be much more costly if people did wrong analysis to invest in the market than a small thanksgiving(much smaller than previously thought). most people do not realize that. or on the other side, can gain much more profits on both sides.
2). here i like to thanks giving to those people supported me and the blog. wish you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!
3). for people interested in profiting high probability potential 10% or more returns in short term (yes, short term), i am available if you are ready.