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Thursday, November 4, 2010

if you are bearish, you will like what i am goint to post tonight, promised. stay tune.

Reiterate Grand crash with a smaller crash appetizer first.
during late market time, i said i like what i see. after more study, i like it even more, time, price, pattern, indicators...

i know it's a bold move to reiterate under such a huge rally day, broke out, bears capitlation, seeing nearly all bearish blogs nearly capitulating.
i like to provide a light at the end of the tunnel.
i am sorry for the not humble statement, but that's the way i like to say it, please forgive saying so.

PS. 1). jx, thx for the kind words.
2). PUG, good you are reading. someone told me i am on your blog roll, thx. very very few blogs willing to add me to their list.
1018 was a wrong call from me, and i made plenty more wrong calls going forward, no need to hide about that. but who hasn't make any wrong call? most important is to adjust and moving forward. it's all at the blog records that i was very bullish, went long both hands at this Aug 25's 1040's bottom with 1150 target, sold too early though. i also posted and went short at 1210's this late Apr. you are welcome to post your views here, bullish or bearish, all fine. do you remember, one year ago, at that time, many late nights, you asked me many many times to teach you t/a and elliott wave? those are good time, isn't it? let history be history, we look forward to tomorrow and be better. i am open minded.
3). PUG, really good to see you here, like an old friend, even though our view might be different. not a matter, we learn from each other, it's a big school. for the past year, my biggest learn is to be humble to everything, share with you. stop by some times, and more often. maybe you know, i got chased away, bashed away from cil twice. but there is nothing can not be forgiven. we all are fragile human being, living under the same sky roof, breathing the same air. be strong, and be humble, i think that everyday. how was you boys, still playing football? you can drop me an email if you like. or i can add you as a key member if you contribute to the blog more.