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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

John Chamber thinks $ndx here is the Top for the next 8 years, at least. :)

history, history, history!!!
when i post that textbook expanding chart, will you believe t/a still working? Mr. Jason. don't be frustrated on a failed analysis, re-group and fight again like a warrior, and find out where is wrong and fix it. once i understand the purpose and impact of QE2, i have to adjust from grand crash to code blue. nothing wrong to adjust when wrong. i did that numerous times, who can get it right in one time or a couple of times? especially that once a century grand? it would be like winning a lottery, insn't it? and nobody in the world ever win that kind of lottery.

i guess i remember those historical days pretty good, told you, i am pretty good at numbers. :)
well, that 11/1/2007 ~ 11/12/2007 plunge. don't know about you, but i don't call that type of "plunge" as a crash. my type of crash is much more aggressive. and there will be many along the code blue 80% crash in two years, of course plenty of big bounces too.
well, Mr Jason, since you have 20 years experience. if you are willing to help and be active on the blog and check with me, could potential be a key member to mutual benefits some of the early info.

PS. 1). zigzag, nice T-chart, i match with you with the "wings time cycle" chart, i newly created with a new triangle tool tonight. when people contribute more to the blog, i will try to match.

2). don't under-estimate the csco effect, not only the ST, but also MT and LT. the $ndx chart above has a profound structural and elliott wave meaning, and point to where the market to go for MT and LT. tonight i checked many eliott waves blogs, finally first time, i see one very good blog, daneric's, getting one step closer to what i got over a month ago, but still missing 2 steps as the whole structure. i will post my elliott wave, i promise won't be a disappointment, a very clear picture elliott wave of the whole picture of last 2 years. i believe even old friend Pug would agree the bearish count. :) i am glad people saying Pug is doing good the past year. not about bull or bear, about a hard worker as i am.

3). i believe i mentioned micro-mapping-macro on the below two 1-minute chart of spx and rut. that has a big impact to the overall market structure and elliott wave if you learn hard from those two charts. another hint is the $indu butterfly daily pattern with 161.8% i posted weekend. put all three toghther, you should know what's going forward. i like people learn the technical skills, not just pick up the results, so that people can benefit and use the techniques for their trading life going forward. i won't be here forever, but skills is yours forever. i believe last 15 charts or so have lots important market structure information, should be good for a long time.

4). i am glad to see a few people "working hard" here and in touch with me. as i said, everybody is a potential candidate into the key member list. hey, even some people said very not nice words to me can get into the list, as long as they change and show their sincerety to help the blog and me. i am open minded.

5). let me STRESS one more time, imho, market ALREADY TOPPED of P2. there is no wave 4 pull back then wave 5 higher. i see so many blogs and t/a sites use that w4-w5 notion. i am very certain about that P2 is in already. certain lines must not pass for all indexes as i discovered.

6). last 2+ months, lots blogs and people circulating POMO buying. question: is today Nov 11 a pomo day? there were buying throught out the day.