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Monday, November 8, 2010

new features - Published Trades (real time)

All published trades and comments concentrated, moved to following page:

PS. 1). Todd email asked, "I thought you started shorting awhile back?"
yes, i did. stopped out of earlier short trades many times. but i never posted those trades online, so should not be included here.
these new trades all have stops, and will post real time if hit the loss.
posting trades is a new policy on blog, as i started to post on nov 4. and i started with that posting trade as a losing position(not winning) with a handicap.
if you want to trace back, i had all-in long position at 1045 spx posted on the blog. also had shorts at 1210s back in apr top. and plenty other trades. do you expect me to post all those past enormous trades? some losses, some wins. let's start fresh here, all documented, real time, no tricks.

2). the total idea is to back up my analysis, put my money where my mouth is. i expect many losing trades, not all winning. it's normal, nothing new in this business, should be fine with diciplines. like playing baseball, the best hitter also has lots 3-strikes out. but as long as the hitting rate is high, it all be fine. that's what i am pursuing for, and not be a trading god w/o any losses. only godman sucks with gov infomation can do that, they call it god's work, i call it thief's work!

3). at the close of Nov 8, all 4 lots of fully invested positions are at losing position, nothing to brag about.

4). gooner, garesky, antler. thanks. it's ok, some folks got blocked in my email spam mode, they need a place to relieve their disturbance in life. so i take away the "spam or block" feature of the blog to let them show their true level in life. in another way, they are my fan, because they spend their "valuable" time to read and learn every word i post. i wish the best to all my fan.
i was truely a lieutenant in the air force in Taiwan, so i have more powerful weapon than gun :). well, now it's peace time between Taiwan and China, everybody just want to make money and trade. no worry.
5). as for the market, i know what the the market is playing with in all aspects. in those threads below, there are more than 10 charts best represent my view of the market, none of them has changed, you can review them from time to time because they are all true. i will pop in and drop some charts if necessary, or email them to those showed interested in the email updates. as for my trades, there are certain lines marked and must not violated, or i will stop out those trades. so far, i don't see in anyway they would be violated. thanks again for people's help on all matters. peace is a mindful thing, it's hard to get in life. but it's also easy to get if you have a mindful mind and calm, it's all in you, can not be altered by people.

6). i know EXACTLY what's going on of the market and its patterns exactly. i am very calm about the market here, like i already know opponent's cards. last couple of days are just some noises. everything for past months only play down to one line in almost major indexes(TJ's financials too), i call it the crash reality line (or bubble line for high flyers indexes). Joseph knows most of my views as he is in close contact with me, sending me information for mutual benefits. again, those 10+ charts down below show critical market structures, should be true for a long time, worth to read imho, and they are my exact views of the market.

7). Nov 9 15:43ET covered 40% shorts by A). sold all BGZ at 10.17 B). sold all EDZ at 21.48. keep spxu(20%) and tza(40%). just money management, not view change.

8). Pelican, thanks much, lol. i also have this one waiting in line:

9). Nov 9 night: from humble model, i guess
A). P2 top is in today(with 0.24 spx points failure),(different label in "Relativity", but use this common labeling of P2 to express the extreme weakness primary wave).
B). $spx goes back up to 1220 on Nov 10. all ST indicators are extremely oversold at the close. that's why i covered 40% shorts late day.
C). then goes down again on Nov 11 with lower low.
D). it's a trader's whipsaw market into end of Nov, no crash into Dec.

10). Nov 10 9:41ET sold spxu @22.26, $spx 1210. keep $rut shorts. with TZA 2 lots.
11). Nov 10 9:46ET sold all TZA @20.24, $rut @726. all positions closed.

12). Nov 10, 2010 10:04ET Grand crash (-45% in one month style) CANCELED, it's code blue (-80% in two years). Even though no Grand crash, but there will be smaller crashes or extreme weakness (-10 ~20% type)along the path of the Code blue.

13). TJ, thanks. i am glad you like the new feature of publishing trades better than just charts. i think probably this is most people are looking for, real time trades. :) btw, TJ, $rifin found a temporary support at the previous broke out level.