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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Nov 10 - financials $rifin & $ndx bouce off supports

PS. 1). Joseph, you are welcome. there are 2 ways to work on code blue, my target is 80% crash in two years(Oct~Nov 2012), $spx target 310. i have this number posted for a while, never changed. first is to trade the volatilities. second is to hold the whole 2 years period if you have the patient. even though it's code blue, it still will have smaller crashes and extreme weakness along the way, also there will be big bounces. my model of Y1929 style nearly 50% grand crash within one month style most likely is behind us after i recently realized 2 things. Also i am confident that P2 top is behind us as the Top was yesterday (not Nov 5). i think i understand the impact of QE2 after analyzing the amount of money of QE1 & QE2 correlation to spx, also one key sentence chairmen talked the past weekend. i will try to see if i can put up charts and analysis to support my code blue call.
2). for short term, take out the 1 min textbook spx & rut charts i sent to all key members last friday, this is all about it for today's bounce up.
3). antler, it's all about the understanding of QE2. mine is all different than all the news & analysts on tv & web. it's from gspn, not bb when they talked. i will see what i can come up with for my understanding of QE2 & code blue later.
4). TJ, yes, that's the exact textbook case on that 1m chart i sent last friday. that's the extra benefits for key members. anybody can qualify as a key member if work hard for the blog and have a close contact with me.
5). with micro mapping techniques, ST spx bounce target 1218.3 ~ 1220.06. rut 732.33~733.85. will scale in shorts there via bgz & tza.
6). 14:09ET short at spx 1218.7 via long bgz 9.97, 2 lots.
7). 14:58 ET short at rut 732.66 via long tza 19.68, 3 lots. fully short.

8). today's trades confirmation from broker. fully shorted spx & rut via bgz & tza.
all real time trades posting, no tricks. anyone online blog do this confirmation of trades to back up the analysis? not perfect trades, but i am honest.