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Sunday, November 7, 2010

P3 is eTsunami wave; (Nov 8 9:41ET shorted $rut @735 - posted @ Published Trades Pages)

could the $600 billion QE2 postpone the Grand crash and transformed into Y1930 style code blue to crash 86% in 2 years?

i still prefer the grand crash due to P3 launching, and the grand crash pattern of Euro. Collapse of the EuroZone is my catalyst of the Grand crash. The collapse storm will blow throughout the whole world, FED can not save it, and they just fired their last bullet. It's empty or not enough power to fight the enormous eTsunami wave. Bernanke put faded.

it's rhythming, not repeating.
but the difference is between P1 and P3, that's the key.
we know P3 is the killing eTsunami wave, grand crash style, while P1 is long lasting code blue style.
alternating the time velocity is the nature of elliott wave - P1 code blue, P3 code red.
if true, this Thanksgiving and Chrismas will not be good for most people, except bears.
while FED already fired most shots, i still have plenty ammo saved in the chart bank. :) for example, i have figured out how QE1 and QE2 worked in the past 2 years, dollar for dollar, it's in my chart bank. also the macro LT elliott wave pattern i have not published till later.

PS. 1). garesky, i do both conventional elliott wave, and elliott wave relativity. elliott wave relativity is my own invention of a variation of conventional ew. there are some drawback in convetional ew, for example, if you look at Nikkei for the past 20 years, it's difficult to use conventional ew to keep track of the ew counts. ew relativity can do the job, there is a quick description of the "relativity" a few months back on the blog. no time to write the detailed document yet, so far completely my own ew system. i also keep track of the convetional ew in the mean time, daily.