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Thursday, November 11, 2010

re-post of October 15, 2010's my grand view - i see this could be a different type of World War III.

destroy others by financial/economy WMD, not guns or nuclears.
i think possibly QE2 has part of this deliberate purpose, all by design. FED won't be stupid enough to think $600B can jump the stock market, then grow the economy.
Currency Accord, sounds familar? i think it's the Plaza accord killed Japan's economy for the last two decades and going forward. And now comes the "Currency Accord".

Also, i see my prediction a few weeks ago of "Collapse of Euro Zone" is on schedule.

first the news:
G-20 Grinds Toward Currency Accord

China Real-Estate Bubble Concern Fails to Deter Investors (news release at the "right" time by design). (now China's stock market $ssec plunged over 5%). On Oct 15, i predicted this news be issuing to add to the effect of currency accord.

Friday, October 15, 2010 weekend entertainment;週末娛樂版
台灣謙虛學生每日新聞 - 娛樂版
也許中美貨幣戰爭,貿易戰爭,保護主義,或擴展到全球貨幣戰爭,貿易戰爭,造成歐元區崩潰。全球經濟大衰退,導至經濟致命的毀滅,進入全球大蕭條。這是重複 1930年的大蕭條的情景。不同的人做同樣的事情,歷史重複。
1930年後,有第二次世界大戰,當前這是一個不同類型的戰爭 - 世界經濟大戰。
依我淺見, 這些都寫在,預測在最重要的世界各地的股市圖表模式。

Japan was a scapegoat under the Plaza Accod, resulted in the lost decades, and yet to recover.
Will China be the next example? Or this will be the worldwide economic war and have every nations be the prizoners?

1985: Japan signs the Plaza Accord that lowers the value of the dollar and increases the value of the yen
1988: 8 out the 10 largest companies by market capitalization are based in Japan
jul 2009: none of the 10 largest companies by market capitalization is based in Japan

All say China’s economy is like a “runaway express train”, provide the main growth of world economy.
But imho, with my very reliable unique data pattern analysis, China already passed its peak, and is similar to Japan's 1990's and entering into the lost decade, currently nobody noticed and felt this phenomenon or reality.
At the peak of late 1989s while Japan-Number-One slogans everywhere, nobody in Japan and the world would know Japan already starting to enter the great deflation, the lost decades quietly.
So will China be at this moment, imho and data analysis.
the next plaza accord(G20 at Korea), or currency war, or trade war, trade protectionism, or king of the bubble burst - housing will accelerate the process of China's lost decade.

PS. 1). (real time)Nov 12, 2010 12:24ET S6: new trade at published trades page.
2). Nov 12 13:57ET new trade. all position closed.
3). all the trades this week are exactly the textbook case, perfectly matched, which i sent to all key members last friday. going forward should also be expectable. best to your trading.

4). Nov 12: after a quick review & seeing some major reasons, minutes before ah session ended, took all(plus more) spx shorts back, paid a little more. not published. i don't see any good thing happen with the blog with all these real time trades posting. i don't see any online blog or service posting the real time trades with proves. thinking if should keep it or not, no decision yet.