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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

$rut - 2 levels of broadening Top

two levels of expanding triangles are wide open, much wider than spx, that could mean downside is much larger.

PS. 1). one person express the "pain" of an intraday new high today. well, spx made 0.18% higher than 8 days ago. i guess i can live with that kind of "pain". even though the Fibonacci cycle got invalidated, but the Nasdaq symmetrical timing-price cycle and the big picture crash pattern won't be altered by this 0.18% higher intraday. you will be fine if you don't trade options. that's one reason i strongly against trading options. the big picture could be right, but if the timing is off, then your options position is doomed.
2). some people disappoint market doesn't crash today. well, i don't expect market to crash today. as i sent email, i expect xx days, 45% grand crash.