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Saturday, November 27, 2010

$spx at critical support; Volume analysis for $spx major tops (probability).

how close it that crossing? can someone tell me it's bullish or bearish? it's a MT trend changer signal.

there is a market saying: goes the financials, so goes the market!

PS. aLEXander, i am still posting on the blog, these 2 new posted charts are current and critical if you know the meaning of them. i was very busy last couple days, i will post more charts on the blog in the future.
in the past, there are lots information i am not so willing to just give them out because you probably won't believe how much efforts i spent. For some people want to see more inside of my analysis which i am not willing to share publicly(not just now, has been the same in the past), i use the private membership for that purpose. for example, do you expect me posting publicly of the report with 14 pages and 21 charts? anybody on blogs world sharing that kind of massive and all critical information of each chart.
also in the past 6 months, i talked a lot about blueprints, but i never post them on the blog as they are my top secrets. But for this new private membership, i already shared several of the blueprints. and will do more.
i believe i already shared enough on the blog & will continue to do so. hope you can understand.